The (s)hiver Winter Arts Festival 2016

Another installment of The (s)hiver Winter Arts Festival has come and gone.  This year’s event was a huge success and we can not give enough thanks to all those who participated.  This has been such a wonderful collaboration and we are so grateful to have such an awesome group of contributors and such a beautiful and supportive community.  There are still more photos to come but we just can’t wait to show these images to those of you who may have missed it.  Enjoy!!!

Alchemy Cafe


Billy Big’s Blacksmith Shop


SOVA (Yukon School of Visual Arts)


Ruby’s Alley


ODD Fellows Ballroom (Klondike Institute of Art and Culture)


Conservation Klondike Society


The Yukon River

More outdoor works


… these are just some of the wonderful creations brought to you this year by The (s)hiver Winter Arts Festival in Dawson City Yukon.  We are still waiting on some photos to come in from our other artists and photographers.  Updates to follow shortly.


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