The (s)hiver Winter Arts Festival 2016

Another installment of The (s)hiver Winter Arts Festival has come and gone.  This year’s event was a huge success and we can not give enough thanks to all those who participated.  This has been such a wonderful collaboration and we are so grateful to have such an awesome group of contributors and such a beautiful and supportive community.  There are still more photos to come but we just can’t wait to show these images to those of you who may have missed it.  Enjoy!!!

Alchemy Cafe


Billy Big’s Blacksmith Shop


SOVA (Yukon School of Visual Arts)


Ruby’s Alley


ODD Fellows Ballroom (Klondike Institute of Art and Culture)


Conservation Klondike Society


The Yukon River

More outdoor works


… these are just some of the wonderful creations brought to you this year by The (s)hiver Winter Arts Festival in Dawson City Yukon.  We are still waiting on some photos to come in from our other artists and photographers.  Updates to follow shortly.

The Other Dawson: Historical Gossip Plaques A Permanent Augmented Reality Installation, 2016 Christopher Healey

This is a special little treat for you from artist Chris Healey.  You will find hidden gossip around town where you see historical plaques.  Follow these instructions…

To access this artwork, download and install the Aurasma app to your iOS or Android mobile device (Data must be enabled). Search for “DawsonShiver” and follow.

Now you’re ready to access Dawson City’s hidden historical plaques that share the same space with the existing physical plaques.

About the art: This work subverts the authoritative voice of the political sphere that commemorates this place as a preserved history, an event that has passed, a theme park that services guests. For those who live here it is a community that has its own history and future, a living breathing entity conflicted like any other. There are stories here that are not for the tourists.

It’s happening soon…



Things are shaping up for another fantastic installment of The (s)hiver Winter Arts Festival.  We have a host of excellent contributors this year that are sure to make for another awesome celebration of art and light here in frosty Dawson City.  We are looking forward to seeing all you lovely people out in the chilly streets!  This year promises a vast array of performances and installations to keep you moving through town.  Come out and roam with us!  There will be live music, theatre performance, aerial acrobatics, a lantern parade, gallery shows, and a ghost ship bon fire on the river to keep your wintery spirits alight…  See you all on Jan 30th and 31st for the second annual (s)hiver Winter Arts Festival!!!!

DRAG Show / Dance Fundraiser!


A very big thank you to all the people who came out to make this event a huge success!!  We had an awesome time and raised a bunch off money, $1,417.78 to be exact.  All the money will be used to fund the (s)hiver Winter Arts Festival with the majority of the proceeds going directly to contributing artists.  Thanks again!!!!!

On Friday December 11th @ the YOOP Hall, we will be hosting a Drag show / dance.  That’s right, we know you want to.  We encourage all who wish to dress up to do so!  If you have a song you would like to lip-sync to, please let us know in advance so we can line up your song.

Here is more event information:

(s)hiver Winter Arts Festival 2016

Erika Marzinotto in
Erika Marzinotto in “Wandering Creatures” by Aleks Bartosik
Photo by Blair Douglas

We are currently gearing up for the second annual edition of The (s)hiver Winter Arts Festival for January 30-31st, 2016. We are excited to once again bring a celebration of arts to the streets of Dawson City.  Last year’s event was a huge success, showcasing art from more than 30 participants.  This years festival will be expanded to include workshops and will take place over the course of two days instead of just one night.

We are now taking submissions from artists of all disciplines.  If you have works to contribute, project ideas, are interested in hosting a workshop, or are available to volunteer, let us know!

Please send submissions and inquiries to: